Getting a Good Car Insurance Rate for Your Teen – Saving Money When You Need it Most

If you’d like to insure your teenager to drive your car, be prepared to pay through the nose. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that young people tend to have more accidents than their older counterparts, and insurance companies know this all too well.

There may be some variance in the Teen rate your insurance company provides depending on the sex of the child, with males being a higher risk than females, and therefore more expensive to insure. Over all, the likelihood of someone between the ages of 16 and 19 having an accident is four times higher than those over 19. It’s hard to blame insurance companies for charging more to cover themselves and your family.

Teen insurance is expensive, but if your child has good grades, this can count towards a discount. Teenagers who maintain a B average or higher will often cost their parent three quarters of what a less academically able student would cost to insure. Also make sure your teen has learned good driving skills and completed safety courses. Having certification from these courses may save you up to 10%, which can be a tidy little sum.

The other important factor in saving money on premiums goes for teens and adults. Keep it clean! Your driving record that is. Tickets and traffic infringements can send your premiums skyrocketing. Once again, gender becomes an issue, with females experiencing less increase in premiums per offense when compared with males.

It does seem unfair and biased, but you have to remember that it’s nothing personal. Insurance companies let the numbers do the talking, so if you want the lowest insurance costs for your teen, regardless of gender, just remember to make sure they’ve completed a driving course, they keep out of trouble with traffic and the law, and keep their grades up.

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Car Insurance Rate Quotes – Flexible

There are car insurance rate quotes that are better than others. It is for this reason that you must give yourself the opportunity to compare a list of the best quotes. The quickest and easiest means of doing this is online. Getting a quote is what sets the insurance procedure in motion. If you want to save as much money as possible then you must make certain your insurer is aware of all the good reasons you will be a low risk client.

Make a point of letting the insurer know you have a lock up garage. If you have a burglar alarm let them know. These are all safety measures they should take into account. If you park your car overnight in the street and you live in a location where there is a high level of car theft then you will pay a higher premium.

Another reason for a lower premium is if you have a new car. A new car should be in perfect working condition and not require repairs for a long time. It is also very important for you to understand that you must maintain your car and this means you must have your car regularly serviced. Keep a record of the service dates and who serviced the car. This is all proof that you are a responsible vehicle owner and therefore not a high risk to the insurer.

If you own a car that is used then it is very important that you keep a record of when and where your car is serviced. Regular maintenance of a vehicle is the only way to keep it in good working order and to prevent any breakdowns from occurring. There is a good chance that an insurer will view this favorably when you ask for a low premium.

Bear in mind that even if you have received car insurance rate quotes that are cheap you can still ask for a discount or try to lower the quote. Car insurance rate quotes are not carved in stone and are flexible because very driver is an individual with different requirements.

Cheap Performance Car Insurance – How to Find the Best Performance Car Insurance Rates on the Market

What do you need to know to find cheap performance car insurance? What is the best performance car insurance policy to purchase? What are some things that you can do to lower the high auto insurance rates that you are paying for your high performance vehicle? In fact, there are a number of different things that you can do to find a cheap auto insurance rate for your performance car. Some companies even specialize specifically in luxury car and high performance car insurance.

The United States has increasingly been seeing more cars on the roads of the country. This is basically because there is more money in the market and the car selling business can provide vehicles for eve the poorest of people. Through the website or just by visiting a dealer you will be able to see that there are plenty of cars for just $1,000, but reality hits when you don’t only have to buy the car; you will also have to pay for car insurance.

With all the flow of money in the Unites States some people have started to fix up their cars and change stuff from the outside like spoilers, rims and tires; to the inside such the engine, hydraulics, etc. These people add another big category to the industry of automobile insurance since they are called the performance car drivers. Then of course there are the real performance car drivers which would include the Ferrari owners, the Lamborghini owners, the Aston Martin owners, the Porsche owners, and generally all of the people that pull up to the stop light and make 99.9% of all other Americans swivel their head in envy.

It is important to know before you even try to fix up your car with all the time and effort that it takes, that the little things such as spoilers, neon light kits underneath your car, brighter headlight and the other accessories will just increase the price of your automobile insurance. The reason for this is that you are putting more valuable things to your car, which in turn will increase the overall price of the vehicle. These also increase the rate of your automobile insurance because one of the categories that determine the overall price of your policy is theft. Since you have added so many things to your car it will be noticed much easier to the public and people might want to steal it because it is worth more. Fortunately for you there are numerous ways to save money on your performance car insurance policy without having to take all the cool looking accessories off your vehicle.

Every single automobile insurance agency will agree that the issue of speed is a must when we talk about auto insurance and the “risk” of insuring a driver with a fast performance automobile. Statistics show that people in sports cars with faster engines get into more accidents than people with other types of cars. This is a very common stereotype that may or may not apply to you, however; the automobile insurance agency will not now that you are a good driver until you prove it. A good way of saving money is by being proactive and taking a defensive driving course without being instructed to do so. This will lower your car insurance rates because your insurance company will be able to see that you are sincere in trying to drive defensively. Another thing you can add to your car is more air bags, anti-lock brakes and other features that will make the probability of an injury smaller. With the decrease in the probability of an injury the insurance company will give you even more discounts.

You can also prevent people out there from trying to steal your car by being proactive and doing stuff before it is too late. You can go to an electronics store and purchase one of the best car alarms in the market. This will help in the case that someone tries to steal your vehicle and will show the insurance company that you are always thinking of safety first. A wheel lock would be some other resource to prevent theft. If you have a house with a garage try to put your performance car in there at nights because more car thefts happen at night, this will diminish the theft chances even more. With all these safety resources your insurance company will have no choice but to drop your price even lower.

You can also get certain discounts such as the low mileage discount (if you don’t drive your performance car that much) and the good driver discount (that requires you to have three years of a clean record without traffic citations and accidents). Other than those discounts you can always apply to be a member of an organization. Performance car organizations are everywhere in the United States and they can definitely help you out in saving you some money. Many insurance companies recognize there clubs or organizations and will give you a lower policy simply based on the fact that they will know you will practice defensive driving skills.

And perhaps the most important thing when it comes to performance car automobiles is the shopping process. Since most insurance companies will try to charge you a high premium because they see you as a high “risk” you will have to see what the lower rate in the market is and take it if they offer a good choice in coverage. If you have a good driving record perhaps your quote won’t be as much as that of others, but either way shopping around never hurts anyone. You can do this online through the Internet, which basically gives you the choices of visiting each website to see what you might be eligible for; or in person if you decide to go to your local insurance offices and ask their agent for a quote. An even better option would be to use a free car insurance quote comparison website that will allow you to input your information just once and then view quotes from many different companies side by side. Whatever you do simply remember that the more shopping around you do, the better you will be in the long run.

Performance cars are not for everyone simply because many people just like normal sedans, pick-ups, SUV’s or Mini-vans. For the people that do like fast and what they call “pimped” out cars it is important to know that there is a possible way in which you can get a lower priced automobile insurance policy. Simply follow the tips said above for this to work out in your favor. Always be proactive by taking defensive driving courses and adding safety features to your car that will drop the theft and injury rate (two of the most important factors in pricing quotes).